TELENOT gas detectors

The little lifesavers

Gas explosions are dangerous and justifiably feared. The gas detectors made by TELENOT are your solution. They are used for surveillance of premises with equipment operated by inflammable gases such as propane, methane, butane, acetylene as well as town gas and natural gas.

Gas detector

If gas escapes due to a leak, as a result a highly flammable gas-air mixture might be formed. Now, a tiny spark is all it takes to trigger an explosion. The TELENOT gas detector registers the concentration of flammable gases in the air and the alarm is triggered when the permitted concentration of gas is exceeded. The detector issues an audible alarm signal and a red LED of the detector lights up. Since the gas concentration that triggers the alarm is far below the critical concentration for an ignitable mixture, there will be sufficient time to react.

The TELENOT gas detector is connected via a floating alarm relay to the control panel of an alarm system. It allows for the alarm message to be issued by visual and audible devices and/or be forwarded by a transmission device to third parties.