TELENOT intrusion protection

Take comfort in knowing you are protected

Intrusion protection is not just something that banks, museums and villa owners need to consider: Year after year, the number of domestic burglaries remains enormously high. With the help of intrusion protection, the majority of intrusions could be prevented, and the intruders could be apprehended much quicker. This is why TELENOT offers you effective intrusion protection for on any skale – whether for apartments or villas, small businesses or industrial enterprises. And in case you rebuild your house or should your company grow, your TELENOT alarm system can be flexibly adapted to your needs, so that you can take comfort in knowing you are protected.

Approved security

Effective intrusion protection based on top quality
You can always rely on intrusion protection by TELENOT – confirmed by the VdS quality seal. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is dedicated to protecting life and property . The VdS is a fully owned subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and is dedicated to protecting life and property by being one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for security products. In order to guarantee VdS-compliant quality, TELENOT is committed to an enormous manufacturing depth here at out location in Germany: As a result, our intrusion protection is truly “Made by TELENOT”.