TELENOT smoke alarm devices

Little lifesavers detect fires

In the event of a fire, only timely intervention can prevent the worse. Smoke detectors, or as officially known: Smoke alarm devices detect early and reliably light and dark smoke, which can develop in a smoldering fire or flames, turning smoke alarm devices into lifesavers – since the most victims die in their sleep from smoke inhalation. In an emergency, your life can depend on the reliability of a smoke detector – which is why you should place your trust in TELENOT smoke detectors.

The TELENOT product range includes smoke detectors for stand-alone operation as well as wireless and wired smoke detectors for integration into certified TELENOT alarm systems. We also offer an extensive range of products for fire protection of commercial and industrial properties as well as for the public and retail sectors.

Smoke alarm device

Innovative technology for your security
Smoke detectors detect the smoke particles created by a fire, in most cases, by means of an infrared light barrier. If the infrared light beam is obscured by smoke, the detector triggers a fire alarm that can save lives and protect property and buildings. In addition to conventional smoke and fire detectors, TELENOT offers an extensive range of multi-sensor detectors, heat alarm devices, air-duct detectors and detectors for use in explosion-hazard areas.

Reliable smoke detectors with top quality
The quality of our products is confirmed by VdS quality seal. The VdS is a fully owned subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and is dedicated to protecting life and property by being one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for security products.