The TELENOT infrared light curtain

Perfect protection against reach-through and diving-through

Intelligent infrared light curtains are ideal for monitoring different properties and objects. They often represent the only technical solution in cases where other detectors reach their limits or are generally not applicable.

Examples for the usage of infrared light curtains:

  • Light domes and light shafts
  • Store window displays (protection against theft in the stores)
  • Protection of suspended ceilings
  • Penetration surveillance of walls and roller shutters
  • Protection of shelving units
  • Intrusion protection for roofs of discounters and chain stores
  • Protection of works of art, paintings, sculptures during day mode and lots more

In many cases, the optoelectronic detectors are also the most economically viable solution, for example for protecting large window facades and entrance areas.

The infrared light curtains are able to provide reliable protection against both reach-through (objects > 6 cm) and diving-through (objects > 30 cm).

The IRL/2 allows surveillance distances of up to 15 meters and surveillance heights of up to 2.65 meters. The modular design provides solutions to meet nearly all requirements.

Infrared light curtains offer simple and cost-effective installation and reliable detection. Thanks to their exceptional reliability and great versatility, the widest range of surveillance tasks can be realized.

In addition, the TELENOT infrared light curtain IRL/2 is the only reach-through protection system to be officially approved within the highest security class, VdS class C. Unlike conventional infrared beam detectors, which send individual infrared beams across the area to be secured, the IRL/2 infrared light curtain covers almost the entire surface of a surveillance area with an infrared light grid. As soon as someone enters or reaches through this area, an alarm is triggered. A TELENOT infrared light curtain can neither be bridged nor bypassed and is therefore particularly suitable for the effective securing of roller shutters, automatic doors, store windows, large glass surfaces, picture walls, individual freely accessible partitions or light domes.

Infrared light curtain

Infrared light curtain – quality Made by TELENOT”
To ensure that you can always rely on your infrared light curtain and your complete security system, we are committed to quality without compromise and to an enormous manufacturing depth here in Germany, in the Swabian town of Aalen. As a result, our infrared light curtains are truly “Made by TELENOT”.

Our quality commitment is rewarded - all TELENOT alarm systems and virtually all individual components have the quality seal of VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH in addition to being recognized by property insurers and approved police authorities. As a member of the German Insurance Association (GDV), VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is dedicated to protecting life and property and is an official testing and certification institution for security products. We can therefore justifiably guarantee certified security for your TELENOT infrared light curtain.

We offer security and convenience for all requirements
TELENOT offers suitable security solutions for private households and for commercial properties. No matter whether you have a studio apartment or a villa, a small business or an industrial enterprise: Place your trust in the quality made by TELENOT. And in case you rebuild your house or should your business grow, your TELENOT alarm system is scalable and can be flexibly adapted to your requirements, so that you can take comfort in knowing you are protected.