TELENOT provides approved security – from individual products “Made by TELENOT” to approved systems, including planning, installing and commissioning, and additionally comprehensive support services.

  • Approved product guaranty
    All relevant products manufactured by TELENOT are approved by ‘VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH’ (German Association for Damage Prevention), ‘VSÖ Verband der Sicherheitsunternehmen Österreichs’ (Association of Austrian Security Companies), and ‘SES Verband Schweizerischer Errichter von Sicherheitsanlagen’ (Association of Swiss Security System Manufacturers) and are awarded a VdS device approval number – the VdS-G-number.

    The VdS is a fully owned subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions which has been ensuring safety and trust in the fields of fire protection and security for many years.

    The VdS, the VSÖ as well as the SES cover the entire value chain from prototype testing to the VdS-approved end product. Furthermore, TELENOT products are in compliance with the relevant national and European directives (DIN EN 50131 grade 2, EN 54, EN 50136, etc.).

  • Approved system guaranty
    The principle of a chain only being as strong as its weakest link certainly applies here. For this reason, the TELENOT security systems are based on carefully selected and optimally matched security components. The system number (VdS classes A, B, C, VdS Home, P/S, GS-N, WS, DIN EN grade) is designated according to the respective security and hazard class.

    Only these product and system approvals provide a certified guaranty of security that is also recognized by property insurers and police authorities.

  • Approved expert guaranty
    TELENOT offers the largest network for guaranteed security – the Authorized TELENOT Partners. They represent a network of officially certified installers that you can rely on for planning, installing, commissioning and service.

    On request, we can issue a certificate guaranteeing that your alarm and/or fire detection and fire alarm system conforms to planning and project planning guidelines, sparing you from any surprises later on.

Authorized TELENOT Partners

TELENOT strives to meet the highest quality standards and undergoes regular audits as part of the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system. (certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 S 897069)

Throughout the entire production process, TELENOT security products pass through a large number of quality assurance measures. Almost all of our products have individual VdS and EN certifications as shown by the approval number on each product. TELENOT has hazard alarm systems and fire alarm systems that are specifically approved for the different types of security classes A, B and C and VdS Home.

The following systems stand for certified security:

Approved TELENOT intruder alarm systems

  • complex 200H
    Intruder alarm system TELENOT 5000 A
    Approval number S 188704 (class A)

    Wireless intruder alarm system DSS2 A
    Approval number S 109705 (class A)

    Hazard alarm system GWA 5000 Home
    Approval number Y 112902 (VdS-Home)

  • complex 400H
    Intruder alarm system TELENOT 5000 H
    Approval number S 185503 (class B)

    Intruder alarm system TELENOT 5000 G
    Approval number S 185050 (class C)

    Wireless intruder alarm system DSS2 A
    Approval number S 109705 (class A)

  • hiplex 8400H
    Intruder alarm system TELENOT 8000 A
    Approval number S 117702 (class A)

    Intruder alarm system TELENOT 8000 H
    Approval number S 117502 (class B)

    Intruder alarm system TELENOT 8000 G
    Approval number S 117018 (class C)

In this way, TELENOT guarantees reliable and approved security. Security is a matter of trust – place your trust in TELENOT.