Company history - how it all began

A family-owned company on course for success


TELENOT ELECTRONIC GmbH was founded more than 50 years ago by Helmut and Rita Wunderle. Today, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic security systems under the management of the two sons Peter and Klaus Wunderle.

Milestones of a success story:

2019 The new Training Center for Apprentices and Production and Logistics building, Plant II in Essingen, are officially opened.
2018 TELENOT plans a new logistics center. TELENOT celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2017 The new four-story sales building is officially opened. TELENOT introduces the hazard alarm control panel hiplex and the wireless keypad FBT 250.
2016 The company childcare facility “Schatztruhe” is opened. TELENOT wins the “Top-Dienstleister Handel 2016” award.
2014 The new production facilities for metal and plastic manufacturing, Plant II in Essingen, are officially opened.
2013 The new four-story building for Production department is officially opened.
2011 The new building for Development department is officially opened.
2009 TELENOT introduces the wireless security system DSS2, transmission device comXline 2516, the cryplock HF numeric-pad reader. TELENOT commences production and sales of infrared light barriers from Warning company.
2008 New building for TELENOT Vertriebs GmbH in Vorchdorf/Austria is opened. Revision of corporate identity. TELENOT introduces BUS-1 modules and an additional SMD automatic insertion machine and AOI tester are taken into operation.
2007 TELENOT introduces the alarm receiving equipment comXline AE. Construction of the building for the Development department begins.
2006 TELENOT introduces the visual-audible warning device OAS, fire detection and alarm system 3000 BMT, and implements IP transmission technology.
2004 The Department of installation receives certifications of VdS Schadenverhütung for installation of FDAS in compliance with VdS directives and DIN 14675 certification.
2003 TELENOT introduces the intruder alarm control panel complex 400.
2002 TELENOT introduces the infrared beam curtain IRL/2.
2001 TELENOT introduces the transmission device comline 3216 and takes automatic optical inspection system (AOI) into operation.
2000 TELENOT introduces the fire detection and access control technologies, the IR motion detector comstar and the analog transmission device comline 2016.
1999 TELENOT moves into the new administration building. TELENOT introduces the alarm-receiving control panel ÜZ 7500.
1997 TELENOT is certified in compliance with ISO 9001.
1996 TELENOT introduces the wireless security system DSS 7700 and opens a production facility in Pflach/Austria.
1995 TELENOT opens a new building including a training center, showroom, customer service hotline and EMC measurement laboratory. TELENOT introduces the first ISDN transmission device T 7516 D.
1994 TELENOT introduces the intruder alarm control panels IACP 71/73xx.
1992 TELENOT moves the production of metal and plastic parts to a new building.
1990 TELENOT introduces the first SMD automatic insertion machine and the first in-circuit tester.
1988 TELENOT introduces SMD technology and launches the production of devices of the 7000-generation.
1986 TELENOT introduces the first intruder alarm control panel IACP 5008.
1985 System approval in compliance with VdS
1980 Dialing device generation T 502/T 501xx
1979 Acquisition of B&B electronic: production and sale of telecontrol wireless systems
1978 TELENOT Austria/Switzerland is founded
1975 TELENOT is certified by VdS Schadenverhütung as an official installer.
1974 TELENOT becomes a founding member of the BHE.
1972 TELENOT launches the first auto dialer, the T 44.
1970 TELENOT acquires land for a company plant in Aalen-Hammerstadt.
1968 TELENOT commences production and sales of alarm systems.