TELENOT access control

Keeps unauthorized persons at bay

Whether it's a private home or a commercial building – unauthorized persons have no business being there. An access control system ensures that only authorized persons can enter a building or certain access areas of a building. It also helps you to prevent for example theft, espionage or vandalism – real risks that cause enormous economic damage every year, especially in commerce and industry as well as in the retail sector. TELENOT access control systems keep unwanted guests out of your property – guaranteed.

Access control

Optimum access control for every application
Access control ensures that only an authorized group of people is granted access to properties or certain areas. What initially sounds rather trivial can quickly become a complex matter: For example, it is important for companies to ensure access to its premises to all employees. However, access to particularly hazardous areas should only be granted to qualified staff. Thanks to TELENOT, huge bunches of keys are now a thing of the past. Various identification and verification methods are available for the electronic access control:

  • HF key transponders in various designs
  • Numeric-pad codes
  • Access control systems using combinations of the above-mentioned possibilities

Top quality for your security
Constant innovation and the highest quality not only ensure that we have been one of the leading manufacturers in the field of electronic security technology and alarm systems for more than 50 years, but we have also gained the approval of independent testing institutes evidenced by quality seals. You can enjoy your life carefree and secure knowing that your TELENOT system takes care of you – guaranteed.