Alarm systems by TELENOT

Ensuring your security

At home or at work, numerous hazards may threaten your property, livelihood, your health or even your life from hazards like intrusion, fires and technical faults such as water pipe bursts. The early alerting of alarm systems often help to prevent the worst.

You should always use products from renowned manufacturers such as TELENOT, the certified expert for alarm systems, so that you can absolutely rely on your alarm system in case of emergency.

Approved security

Leading the way for five decades – thanks to innovative alarm systems
For more than 50 years, TELENOT has been a leading manufacturer for alarm systems and electronic security technology “Made in Germany”. Thanks to continuous innovations and providing the highest quality, TELENOT as manufacturer for alarm systems stands for approved security. Your trust and confidence in our quality is our major asset. To always guarantee the highest quality, we are regularly audited making sure that each of our products is approved by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. For this reason, the TELENOT security systems are based on carefully selected and optimally matched security components. The system number (VdS classes A, B, C, VdS Home, P/S, GS-N, WS, DIN EN grade) is designated according to the respective security and hazard class.  Only the product approvals and system approvals provide a certified guarantee of security that is also recognized by property insurers and approved by police authorities.

The VdS is a fully owned subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and is dedicated to protecting life and property by being one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for security products.

TELENOT components and products are perfectly matched to one another to guarantee a completely reliable security system – a security system you can trust.

As an owner-managed company, we guarantee innovative and high quality products provided by an enormous manufacturing depth here at our location in Germany. At our headquarters in Aalen, Germany as well as at our subsidiary in Austria, more than 480 dedicated employees are involved in the entire process of creating our products from development to production.

TELENOT alarm systems: Security solutions for your home and business
TELENOT alarm systems are intended for use by private customers as well as for the business and industry sector. Whether you are looking for a smart home security system or an intelligent alarm system for your small, medium-sized or large company – TELENOT has the right solution for you.

Alarm systems that match your lifestyle
Are you looking for an alarm system that not only offers security, but also perfectly fits into your interior design? Then TELENOT is the right choice for you. Our alarm system components are manufactured in a great variety of different designs for you to choose from, turning your alarm system into a stylish accessory for your business or home.

Place your trust in our experience and in your TELENOT alarm system!