TELENOT building management system

Centrally managed, optimally organized

Security technology is not a standalone application but is increasingly moving in the direction of integration into complex management systems with complex surveillance and control functions. Processes and tasks from various subsections and technical facilities of a company or sophisticated residential buildings can be centrally and decentrally managed and organized by building management systems (BMS).

Centralized building management

In addition to intruder alarm, fire detection, access control and video technology, it is possible to integrate building automation technology, escape door controls, alarm receiving equipment, media technology, electroacoustic plants, nurse-call systems, or communication systems into one convenient system.

With interfaces for its building management, fire detection and access control systems, TELENOT has made it possible to meet the requirement for the integration into higher-level infrastructures.

At present, there are numerous properties where TELENOT hazard alarm systems are integrated into higher-level building management systems. TELENOT cooperates with more than 20 providers of building management and visualization systems for private, commercial, and industrial sectors, like Crestron, Advancis Winguard and myGEKKO. By integrating a KNX/EIB interface into the TELENOT hazard alarm control panel, a full integration into KNX/EIB systems is possible.

By interconnection of already existing systems, a large number of functions of modern security and building technology systems can be managed under one roof.

The current reference list includes building management software providers for private, commercial, and industrial applications who have integrated the BMS interface of TELENOT systems. At the time, intruder alarm control panels complex 400H, hiplex 8400H, the fire alarm control panel hifire 4400 and the access control system hillock 5000 ZK are equipped with a BMS interface for connection to a building management and visualization system.