Wireless alarm systems made by TELENOT

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Wireless alarm systems are a must if you want to protect your home or your business because intrusion or fire is by no means uncommon. Businesses, shops, offices and law firms are also frequent targets of intrusion. In addition, many people lose their lives in fires each year. When choosing your wireless alarm system, you should trust in quality made by TELENOT – because we provide approved security. All of our alarm systems undergo rigorous quality assurance tests and have the official VdS certificate for alarm systems. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is the official testing and certification institution for security products. As a subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV), it is dedicated to protecting life and property.

You can enjoy your life carefree and secure knowing that the wireless alarm systems made by TELENOT are taking care of your security.


Wireless security: Alarm systems made by TELENOT

TELENOT wireless alarm systems provide property protection without cables. Thanks to the latest wireless technology DSS2, the TELENOT alarm systems provide 12 radio channels. In case of radio interferences caused by other wireless components, the system automatically switches to an available channel. This means that TELENOT wireless alarm systems are resistant to any attempt of manipulation and interferences.

Our product range of wireless alarm systems and accessories includes everything you need – from wireless gateways to wireless infrared motion detectors, wireless smoke alarm devices all the way to wireless warning device sets.

TELENOT wireless alarm systems are modular in design, which means that the number and type of components such as motion detectors, smoke detectors, access control readers, glass-break detectors etc. can be adapted to your individual requirements and are flexibly expandable later on.

What's more, TELENOT wireless alarm systems offer you up to 16 reliable switching functions for smart home applications. These are operated directly via the touch keypad BT 250 or the alarm system app BuildSec. By using the switching functions, you can e.g. activate doors, gates, blinds, the lighting, or other devices.

Additional parameterizable smart home functions offer you even greater convenience and security. For example, the automatic functions allow you to set the alarm system and at the same time switch off the heating when leaving the house. And when you come back home and unset the alarm system your heating is turned on again.

TELENOT wireless alarm systems provide optimum protection with maximum reliability against intrusion, fire, unauthorized access or damage caused by water or gas leaks. In addition, wireless alarm systems combine all types of installation technologies, including conventional wiring, modern BUS-1 technology and wireless connection. As a result, you can enjoy maximum flexibility both today and in the future.


Wireless alarm systems for private and business applications

Thanks to the flexible expandability of the systems, TELENOT wireless alarm systems offer optimum protection for all property sizes. Are you expanding your company premises or your home? No problem – your TELENOT wireless alarm system is scalable and can be adapted to your requirements. Whether one-bedroom apartments or private villa, an office or industrial hall – TELENOT wireless alarm systems offer comprehensive security that you can trust.