TELENOT glass-break detectors

Reliable reporting of intrusion attempts

“Fortune and glass soon break, alas!”, so the saying goes. To ensure that this situation does not arise in the first place, you should trust in TELENOT high-quality glass-break detectors. A glass-break detector is a surface detector for monitoring glass surfaces and detects intrusion attempts at windows and other glass surfaces. When used together with devices such as motion detectors or infrared beam detectors, which are monitored and coordinated by smart hazard alarm systems, glass-break detectors effectively secure your property against intrusion. You can always have confidence in the reliability of TELENOT security systems – guaranteed.

Glass-break detector

Glass-break detectors – different technologies, maximum reliability!
TELENOT offers various glass-break detectors: Active detectors monitor glass surfaces with the help of a transmitter that sends vibrations through the glass surface and a receiver that evaluates these vibrations. If the glass is damaged, the transmitted values between the transmitter and receiver change and the alarm is triggered. Passive glass-break detectors do not work with transmitters and receivers, but simply register the typical vibrations of breaking glass and trigger an alarm. Acoustic glass-break detectors use sound waves to detect the typical sounds of shattering glass even from a distance. A sensor can therefore monitor several glass panes within “hearing distance”.

Thanks to intelligent signal evaluation and innovative systems, TELENOT glass-break detectors work under any conditions, which is certified by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. Not only the alarm systems, but also their components bear a VdS symbol. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is dedicated to protecting life and property. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is a subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and is officially responsible for the testing and certification of security products.

Top quality for your security
Your trust is our most valuable asset. We are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust by making quality our number one priority for our glass-break detectors as well as for all our products. In order to always guarantee the highest quality, TELENOT is committed to an enormous manufacturing depth here in Germany. From the initial design to the final function test – all work steps are carried out by TELENOT-experts.