TELENOT motion detectors

Keep unwanted guests out

Would you like to protect your property, your company or your store against unwanted guests? After all, intrusions are a commonplace occurrence, which is why you are always on a safe side with a motion detector by TELENOT. Motion detectors are electronic sensors that detect movements in their immediate vicinity and then generate a signal You can absolutely rely on the approved security “Made by TELENOT” with the VdS and EN approval.

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The VdS is a fully owned subsidiary of the German Insurance Association and is dedicated to protecting life and property by being one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for security products.

TELENOT motion detectors – the right solution for your requirements
There are various technologies that can be used to detect movements. TELENOT offers motion detectors of different types that offer maximum security for rooms with different requirements. The most common type is the infrared motion detector. The TELENOT motion detectors detect infrared heat radiation through its mirror optic such as heat emitted by a human body. The mirror optics divide the surveillance area into cone-shaped sectors to reliably detect human movement across these sectors.

However, certain types of rooms are not ideally suited for the use of infrared technology. For these applications, TELENOT offers combined systems that detect infrared heat radiation and capture movements by means of a microwave detector. Both systems work together ensuring that your motion detector is reliable.

Quality and innovation made by TELENOT
You can rely on TELENOT motion detectors! Thanks to our continuous innovation, our technology is always state of the art. For instance, the intelligent signal evaluation using the TELENOT XTRAP technology (Extended Threshold Regulated Algorithm with Power Management) ensures outstanding detection characteristics along with exceptional protection against false alarms.

In addition to the high quality, our motion detectors also meet all the expectations of modern design. Thanks to our convenient click technology, you can always replace the cover of your motion detector with a different one. You can thereby choose from a variety of colors.