Transmission technology for hazard alarm systems

Multiple solutions with a single goal: security

TELENOT assumes a pioneering role in the field of transmission of hazard messages. It is particularly important in conditions of rapidly changing network structures to provide the best possible transmission technology and delivering solutions for every transmission path and transmission type.

Transmission technology for hazard alarm systems

The devices are used for transmission of emergency calls and hazard messages (fire, intrusion, hold-up etc.) and technical alarms and fault messages (water, gas, failure of deep-freezing system etc.)

Simple solutions for transmitting emergency-calls and hazard messages via a single transmission path as well as solutions for transmission via two paths, such as IP and GSM transmission paths, are available. Depending on the type, these solutions are suitable and approved for application in private, commercial and industrial sectors as well as for the public sector.

The modern TELENOT transmission devices from the comXline series represent the next generation of IP transmission devices. They fulfill all national and European standards and directives and offer the highest investment security despite constantly changing telecommunications networks.

TELENOT transmission devices have special approvals for the banking sector and all its banking networks.