Intrusion protection for windows and doors

Magnetkontakt am Fensterrahmen

Often windows are the weak points that intruders exploit. Effective intrusion protection therefore requires that windows and doors are effectively secured. Alarming statistics indicate that often it is not the case – neither in the commercial sector. Consequently, there is considerable potential for improvement when it comes to intrusion protection. TELENOT will help you protect your windows effectively against intrusion. This means that you can enjoy your life carefree and secure!

Window guaranteed impassable
Since intrusion protection for windows must be absolutely reliable in an emergency, you should place your trust in TELENOT, your expert for alarm systems and intrusion protection. Penetration monitoring and lock state monitoring are reasonable safety precautions to protect your windows and doors effectively. Glass-break detectors and magnetic contacts are used for these purposes. Your requirements and the conditions on-site determine what particular option to choose from the range of the numerous intrusion protection measures available. Security technology made by TELENOT provides absolute reliable protection against intrusion for all types of windows – guaranteed.

The highest level of security for more than five decades
Your security is our ultimate goal. For this reason, we strive to produce high quality and VdS certified security products. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is a subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV) and is an official institution responsible for the testing and certification of security products.